Frequently asked questions

We know this is a big decision. We’ll make sure you have your questions answered before then.

Where are you based?

Our team is based in New York, London and Dubai. Our investment mandate as well as operational scope is geographically agnostic.

What is your goal with your acquisitions?

We are building a long-term portfolio of B2B software companies where we believe that we are a value adding partner. We are not looking to flip our investments, but invest into the employees and product to set these up for long term success and revenue growth.

How do you partner with founders?

When we work with founders, the goal is to combine our broader expertise in scaling software companies with the domain specific knowledge of founders / CEOs. We think that this combination allows us to provide founders with the leverage they need, without being tied down by time / resource / focus constraints. We partner with folks who want to be part of the next chapter of their business and work with us after closing, but also with those that are looking for a complete exit.

How have you dealt with such exit cases?

In the case of complete exits, knowledge transfer is key and we place a high emphasis on documentation and transferring knowledge so that your exit goes smoothly. If your goal is to get to the beach soon and lift your legs, rest assured that we have the guardrails and knowledge transfer procedures in place to get you there as soon as possible.

What will happen to my customers?

We often find founders having long-standing relationships with their customers which have been developed over the years. We seek to ensure that these relationships are never jeopardized, we’d shoot ourselves in the foot if they would. Correctly servicing the existing customer base engaging in customer retention initiatives is part of the Balio DNA. We prefer sustainable growth with existing customers as opposed to losing them along the way. We have never lost a customer for transaction or transition reasons.

What will happen to my employees?

Our mission is to partner with teams and products. Ensuring a successful transition for employees is a top priority. We pride ourselves on our focus on building positive team culture within our companies and making sure the collective environment is productive and enjoyable for all. As opposed to reducing headcount we generally increase headcount, so hopefully that gives you a taste of our philosophy here!

Do you work with on-premise software and only cloud-based?

We are flexible and open to all forms of software deployment. Our technology team has worked with a wide range of programming languages in their careers both in cloud and physical environments.

What about customers with specific requirements / assignment clauses?

We have experience in working with cases where customers have specific requirements such as contracts in the government or financial services sector.

Why can’t I find much about you online?

We are purposely trying to fly under the radar. We are building for ourselves and not for the press or media. This is also a key reason for why we are able to execute on particularly smooth transitions without creating noise or worries for customers. Please reach out to us and we can share an introduction deck as well as more information around our team and mission.

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